MONACO MARINE - la seyne-sur-mer

Welcom to the beauty and well-being area of Monaco Marine la Seyne sur Mer. All our treatment are offered by well trained and certified beauty technicians

Dubarry Beauté Academy offers you treatments, waxing, and massages in the beauty room or on board your yacht.

Make an appointment with Christina at the reception or on whatsapp : 0626871670.


Whether you’re looking for a relaxing experience or wanting your aches, pains and stiffness to go away, we’ve got a wide variety of treatments for you!
Experience may differ from person to person with tailored treatments specific to your needs and they can be applied for all body types.


Reasons for massage :


  • Relieve Stress & Anxiety
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Alleviates Pain
  • Detoxify the Body
  • Sleep Better
  • Improve Immunity
  • Relieve Muscle Tension
  • Reduce Migraines
  • Helps maintain you in optimal condition!


rELAXING MASSAGE    1H - 70€                 1H30 - 105€             2H - 130 €

If feeling stressed and run down, this type of massage can leave you feeling calm and rejuvenated. This is a whole body massage from top to toe includong key areas such as hands and feet for better relaxation. A relaxing massage helps eliminate accumulated muscle tension and relieves stress. Sometines a soft, soothing massage is all you need to manage a high-stress job or a moment of exceptional tension.

swedish MASSAGE    1H - 70€                 1H30 - 105€             2H - 130 €

swedish massage is a perfect way to relieve stress and muscle tension and reset any postural problems that have developped from repetitive motions or overuse of specific muscles. A swedish massage is a perfect solution for built-up tension and ideal way to soothe overworked muscles. The practitioner will look to improve flexibility by incorporating movement of the joints at the same time.

Lymphatic drainage    1H - 70€                 1H30 - 105€             2H - 130 €

The accumalation of lymph can cause swelling, congestion and pain. Lymphatic drainage massage practitioners use gentle and precise strokes to encourage the flow of lymph. If you suffer from headaches or endless congestion consider treating your symptoms with a lymphatic drainage massage.


The major benefit of waxing is quick and long lasting hair removal , also low maintenance opposed to shaving and the result is smooth skin with less irritation. As the hairs are removed from the root, when the hairs grow back they are softer and finer.

half legs (lower) 20 €
half legs (upper) 22 €
30 30 €
half arm wax 20 €
full arms 20 €
under arms (hot wax) 18 €
eyebrow shape/wax 17 €
lip/chin wax 15 €
bikini line 20 €
brazilian bikini wax (removal of all hairs of plevic area (front, back, everything in between), leaving only a "landing strip" in the front 27 €
hollywood bikin wax (complete removal of all hairs) 30 €

Natural Nail Care

Manicure 30 €
pedicure 40 €
Manicure and pedicure 65 €

Nail Extensions

Full set 70 €
In fill 45 €
Overlay 60 €
take off and new set 75 €
take off only (with shape and polish) 35 €
take off and manicure 45 €